Why is it whenever you see a sc-fi film with aliens, they have the intelligence to go across the universe but they are always naked & with no girl or boy bits

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  1. I think it would depend on the Alien. The Alien films… how difficult would it be to make a practical garment for such a creature. Predator on the other hand was dressed and looked pretty cool. Looking at films like Star Wars and Star Trek and the range of alien life forms (Star Wars being a classic example) some are clothed, some are not. As for gender, some creatures on earth are difficult to see or tell what is what so in theory those from the outer reaches of space could say exactly the same about us. Only the mice can possible tell us..

  2. That is true, but why is it the more advanced an alien race seems to become, they are the ones that are naked? What level of advancement do you need to get to before you just think let’s all go naked!

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