In the event of a Zombie apocalypse, what would happen if one of them evolved into an intelligent Zombie with the power to control the rest? If the Zombies then became the dominant species on Earth, how or on what would they survive on once the human race had all become Zombies?

Planet Earth

If the human race had not become the dominant species on the planet, what other animal would have taken over as the dominant species? What would planet earth look like today?

The Universe

With the universe continually expanding, what is it expanding into? What was already there for it to expand into? Will it ever reach a limit and not be able to go any further? What will happen when all the stars in the universe have died out, does this mean that light will disappear from the […]


Why is it whenever you see a sc-fi film with aliens, they have the intelligence to go across the universe but they are always naked & with no girl or boy bits